Askit system is cognizant of the fact that software is developed in a vacuum but rather to serve a need or a purpose.

Often, development companies fail in producing effective software simply because they ignore this critical fact.

For a software to be developed effectively, the software designers, developers, and ultimately users should have a clear understanding of the objectives and needs the system is intended to serve.

What is the problem the software is trying to solve? Should we go for a stand-alone-solution or perhaps a multi-faceted app service? What is the current application landscape and business competition we are operating in ? all these important questions and many others are part of the strategy plan that is devised on askit on a daily basis for our clients.

Producing an effective strategic consultancy makes a difference to our clients and allows us to have a focused developed plan.

If you’re interested in strategic help, understanding the competitive landscape and steering clear of un-intelligent software — call us today to schedule an appointment.

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